Diversified Fixed Income Strategy CONTACT US

  • Broad fixed income mandate
  • Domestic bonds, foreign bonds, and preferred shares
  • Quarterly income

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Diversified Fixed Income Strategy is to generate regular income and maximize total returns by investing in debt-like securities from governments and corporations from around the world. The manager will be able to enhance portfolio yield and reduce risk by investing in a broader mix of fixed income assets than is normally found amongst traditional fixed income products. Convertible debentures, non-investment grade corporate debt, emerging market bonds and preferred shares are fixed income categories that the portfolio manager will be able to utilize within the overall asset mix of the fund. Up to 30% of the pool’s assets may be allocated to global securities, and the pool's holdings in foreign currencies will be actively managed.  


McLean & Partners fixed income strategy is driven by the pursuit of relative value, as the manager is constantly seeking superior total return and yield in relation to credit quality and term structure. Through the ongoing analysis of relative yield differentials, we are able to highlight the most attractive value opportunities in the market. This is followed up by extensive bottom-up fundamental research at the issuer and security level. The manager will utilize an active asset allocation approach and allocate capital among multiple fixed income categories based on relative value while managing risk in the context of our investment regime and macroeconomic outlook. 

Monthly Report

December 2018



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